About Us

Hello and thank you so much for your support and interest in our Pure Prairie Ornamental Grasses in the past!

Building Pure Prairie was an amazing experience and now, we are moving on to new opportunities.

I have decided to give away my unsold packaged seed inventory to any gardeners who would like one last season of our annual grasses!

I will give away the seeds free of charge, but I do have to charge postage and online E-Commerce fees.

Again, Thank you and please enjoy the gardening season!

Seed Package Contents: Sudan Grass, Copper Wheat & Foxtail Millet SeedsWe're a family-run business, living on a farm near Acme Alberta (about 100km from Calgary). We're the 5th generation of our family to be working on this farm and we love the prairies!

We started selling ornamental prairie grass seeds a few years ago. These prairie grasses are hardy and versatile, and each package contains 3 complementary plants of different heights and textures. 

Our grasses are made for the Canadian prairies. They are drought-resistant, low maintenance, easy to plant - and can stand up to a bit of wind! They look great year-round - leave them in the ground throughout the winter to attract birds to your yard.